Curtain Poles

“Here are some pictures of the poles in place. They look wonderful with the simple heavy wool curtains and they are keeping us snug and warm. A good job done thank you.”

French Shutter Hinge Straps

Hinges for a the shutters in a clients French home. Made in the Forge to supplied drawings and recently fitted by the owners on a recent trip France.

Sir Loin Of Beef

Sir Loin Of Beef

The new Sirloin Of Beef sign. Can you guess what the landlord has done previously, and where his interests lie. A visit to the pub, which serves excellent Real Ales, will soon answer the question if you need further clues. Worth the excuse.


Dovercourt Bench

Bench seat commissioned by the PSA for Portsmouth High Junior School. The seat was presented at a ceremony on the 9th November. The unique design of the bench seat incorporates the school daffodil with the Dovercourt name.

Bench seat presentation at Portsmouth High School (Dovercourt)

Obelisk Commission

A commission to design a Obelisk for the garden.
The client took the pictures and commented.
Still have to dig it in but it looks at home in the garden and I’m very pleased with it. 
“it also looks nice in the rain as the little drops hang off the leaves at the top like little pearls”

Dwarf Wall Railings

Dwarf Wall Railings


Golf Trophy

Ladies Saturday Eclectic Trophy