New Course: Ramshead Poker.

New Course Rams Head Poker

New Course Rams Head Poker

This course is perfect if you have no idea what you want to make but you would like to have a go at a range of skills. The course covers the full range of basic operations through the making of the poker although some will be practiced at the beginning of the day to ensure a perfect finished piece. This course is run by guest tutor Matthew Hicks, a fully qualified blacksmith based in Wales.

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Thank you for my first blacksmithery day

I recently had the opportunity to have a blacksmithing day with you and I just wanted to write to say I had a great day and hope to have another go soon as I can. I found the whole experiencing absolutely fascinating and thoroughly enjoyed making my ladle, hook, and iron bracelet.  Thank you!
I am making sure everybody I know is aware that you do these days, be assured I will nag them.
I have attached a photograph I took, all my other ones were a bit shaky, probably all the hammering left me reverberating.

An update from Jim

The wife of Blacksmith for the day ‘Jim’ kindly sent some pictures of the pot hanger he made, now in service in their kitchen and very fine it looks.

“a couple of photos of the pot hanger Jim and you ‘knocked up’. It not only looks great but works¬†well too.”

Pictures of the hanger in production are here.

Sheena Bashes some Hot Metal

“I just wanted to say a huge thankyou for such a great day bashing hot metal!”


Jim and Susan at Little Duck Forge

Another successful half day workshop was held at the forge last Saturday. Jim had a Bash and his wife came along and took some photographs of the project in action.

“Many thanks on behalf of Jim, and myself, for the workshop on Saturday. Jim is chuffed to bits … I thoroughly enjoyed it too.”

Jim and Iron Maid at Little Duck Forge

Jim and Iron Maid at Little Duck Forge

Another successful project at Little Duck Forge

Another successful project at Little Duck Forge