Weekend Passions: the secret lives of everyday folk

Steve Hughes, the owner and photographer in chief at Retina Photography specialises in business editorial and promotional portraits.

His site also includes a personal project area. ‘Weekend Passions’ is what keeps me sane and shooting what I love to photograph most; people. It never ceases to amaze me the ‘secret lives’ that people lead. For some, their hobbies are their private world; for others it’s a shared experience.

His photograph montage of Little Duck Forge can be seen here.



Squiggle Frame – Customers Decorations

My main aim is to encourage people to go out into the countryside or woods and find treasures to make up their own art works using the squiggle frames. Here are a few pictures customers have sent in:-


You asked me to send a pic of our decorated Squiggle Frame – here it is: everything we used was salvaged from West Wittering beach on a very stormy day, with the exception of the blue felt brooch which was found in the mud on The Heath in Petersfield. Beach items include mangled sun glasses, a bit of pink rubber sole from a trainer, a bottle top, an ice cream plastic spoon as well as shells, seaweed etc My 5 year old son really enjoyed trying to find shells with holes in, quite a task! I couldn’t source a drill so it was all done without tools, just our hands!

FYI the pink bit of rubber sole is near the bottom to the right hidden behind other stuff and the mangled sunglasses is at the bottom of the ring, sans lens!

We really enjoyed adorning your squiggle, thank you!

Door Wreath
When I bought this wrought iron shape from you in the summer I said that I’d make a door wreath and send you a picture.
I’m already looking forward to doing another next year – it is so versatile.